The CEASE Team works diligently throughout the year to ensure that our resources are put to the best use in aid of our vision to see a world free from sexual exploitation.

Our work includes;

  • Educating the public, media and decision makers about where and why sexual exploitation occurs.
  • Campaigning for new and better legislation and regulation which directly reduce sexual exploitation or the power of the industries driving it.
  • Holding the pornography industry (and corporates supporting it) to account through petitions, protests and advocacy.

Throughout the 2022/23 financial year, highlights of our work featured advocating for the Online Safety Bill (now Online Safety Act) to include age verification, more effective processes to prevent the proliferation of illegal and harmful content, as well as highlighting the discrepancy in the regulation of online and offline pornography. We were proud to lead a coalition of charities and advocates in this work, and alongside Barnardo’s, CARE, and other experts in the field, we drafted and saw tabled numerous amendments to the Bill.

2022 also saw the introduction of ExposeTheHarm.com, a platform dedicated to collating the experiences of those who have felt the harm of pornography. The site has seen a number of submissions and fostered relationships between CEASE and survivors.

We were thrilled to welcome Jo Black and Gemma Kelly to the staff team in the key roles of Heads of Communications and Policy and Public Affairs. Their work has been integral to CEASE’s successes.

We also want to thank you, those who follow us on social media and via our newsletters, those who share our messages and trust us with your experiences. To those who donate or otherwise support us – none of our work could be possible without your contributions.

As we look forward to 2024, we feel closer than ever to our vision. We will continue to work to shine a light on the interconnected nature of pornography, prostitution and human trafficking, and we see the adoption of the Online Safety Act as a key indicator that the tide is turning on the industries. We will see a world free of sexual exploitation.

To read the full Annual Report, click here.