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Sexual Exploitation


Big Porn, commonly known as the commercial online porn industry, profits from extreme illegal content, such as videos of rape, child sexual abuse and intimate videos posted without consent. Help us put a stop to it now.


CEASE is threatening legal action against the Information Commissioner’s Office for failing to #ProtectKidsFromPorn. We need your help!

Sexual exploitation

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I share the rage & grief at the murder of #SabinaNessa, a daughter, a teacher & only 28 – killed in a public place and found after so many hours.

Every year presents a horrific catalogue of violence but no change to the fact that on average 1 woman is killed every 3 days.


My sadness re. Sabina matched only by rage at the inevitable ‘safety tips’; “well lit areas!” “no headphones” “be on phone for backup!” “don’t be on phone, stay vigilant!”. The Met one literally says “stay assertive”. THESE THINGS ARE IN OUR BONES FROM DAY 1. WE ARE NOT THE ISSUE

Read our Head of Legal Advocacy @uracontra_ for @TheCriticMag on why the increase in availability of porn – and specifically of violent and degrading content – must be recognised as a key contributor to the increasingly poor mental health of both young girls and boys.

Tom Farr@uracontra_

My new piece for @TheCriticMag on why the fact young girls are twice as likely compared to young boys to suffer from poor mental health is a symptom of the normalisation of porn culture 👇 https://thecritic.co.uk/sex-engine/

Children’s mental health must be a priority. Studies show that children’s access to porn helps jeopardise their mental health. With 1.4 million children accessing porn monthly, we call for robust regulation of the porn industry to protect kids from porn. https://tinyurl.com/55578zaw

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