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Sexual Exploitation

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CEASE is leading a coalition of  charities, experts and survivors to ensure the the Online Safety Bill’s timeliness, effectiveness and workability.


Big Porn, commonly known as the commercial online porn industry, profits from extreme illegal content, such as videos of rape, child sexual abuse and intimate videos posted without consent. Help us put a stop to it now.

Sexual exploitation

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Stories like these are getting far too common, and this is why we need the #onlinesafetybill, to protect children from predators taking advantage of them online. Well done to @Steph_Peacock for challenging the government to take action now.

“[Porn’s] endless novelty and variety amplifies the usual neurochemical response we get from having sex.” CEASE CEO Vanessa Morse is quoted in an article by The Times over the weekend exploring new ways for people to overcome porn watching habits.

Have you seen the #Netflix documentary #TheMostHatedManOnTheInternet? Revenge porn uploaded to a website resulting in numerous lives ruined. This is why @CEASEorgUK exists. We won’t rest until proper legislation makes this kind of act a thing of the past

Meet our new Head of Communications, Jo Black! With specialisms in behaviour change, social marketing and crisis communications, she is a proven deliverer of impactful campaigns. Find out more about her and the CEASE team on our ‘About’ page: https://cease.org.uk/about/

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