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Sexual Exploitation

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CEASE is leading a coalition of  charities, experts and survivors to ensure the the Online Safety Bill’s timeliness, effectiveness and workability.


Big Porn, commonly known as the commercial online porn industry, profits from extreme illegal content, such as videos of rape, child sexual abuse and intimate videos posted without consent. Help us put a stop to it now.

Sexual exploitation

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Episode 6 of Season 1 of the @pressredorg podcast features Naomi Mills, co-founder of @CEASEorgUK.

Naomi shares about the work of CEASE in tackling the forces that drive violence against women in our culture.

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“The porn needs to be more extreme than before for me to get any kind of response. I wish I’d never started.”

“Porn watching doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It mostly takes place in private, but it is having a widespread public effect” @NessMorse at @Commonswomequ hearing on May 11th.

The Online Safety Bill is a fantastic contribution to the fight against porn culture, but fails to address the wider social harms. Watch as @NessMorse asks for more comprehensive changes in the adoption the bill at @Commonswomequ #onlinesafetybill

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