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Sexual Exploitation

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Urge the UK Government to bring in age verification on porn sites. Our kids’ health is at stake.


CEASE is threatening legal action against the Information Commissioner’s Office for failing to #ProtectKidsFromPorn. We need your help!

Sexual exploitation

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‘Girls Do Porn owners were found guilty of intimidating & coercing 22 women into having sex on camera. Garcia & the other producers bullied the women and lied about how widely they’d distribute the videos.’

Porn sites prey on children by misusing their personal data to keep them watching hardcore, explicit videos. Many of us don’t understand the scale of this crisis.
Have a guess: how many children do you think are exposed to porn each month in the UK?

If we are going to tackle the sexual violence crisis in school, we have to look closely at what’s enabling it. We have to hold those in power to account.

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