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Sexual Exploitation


Big Porn, commonly known as the commercial online porn industry, profits from extreme illegal content, such as videos of rape, child sexual abuse and intimate videos posted without consent. Help us put a stop to it now.


The Government’s draft Bill doesn’t mention the porn industry once. Email your MP to urge them to support CEASE’s three recommendations for vital changes to the Bill. 

Sexual exploitation

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For over a decade Pornhub has globally distributed and monetized sexual crime scenes including child abuse and trafficking.

All the while, according to child protection agencies’ testimony, they didn’t report ANY of it until late 2020, which is against the law. #Traffickinghub

“I told all of the men I met my age (15) … because it had the almost universal effect of causing them to become very aroused & to climax easily, which was good news for me because it meant that the experience was over with quickly.”

“Prostitution is inherently violent and is one of the key mechanisms that maintains male dominance. We do not believe that prostitution is inevitable. And if we want a fairer, more humane world, we need to work to end it.”



“I know this dreadful business from the inside … I promise you that we were all worth more than to be bought by men for their pleasure. Let’s get THAT bit right instead of enabling & facilitating their abuse. Sex by coercion (even financial) is rape.”


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