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Sexual Exploitation


Big Porn, commonly known as the commercial online porn industry, profits from extreme illegal content, such as videos of rape, child sexual abuse and intimate videos posted without consent. Help us put a stop to it now.


CEASE is threatening legal action against the Information Commissioner’s Office for failing to #ProtectKidsFromPorn. We need your help!

Sexual exploitation

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➡️ PETITION to #handball heads: #dropthefine + #letthemwearshorts
➡️ New research from @CEASEorgUK
➡️ #CESESummit 2021 #endexploitation
➡️ Sexism in sport

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With the online porn industry profiting from sexual exploitation & lack of regulation, the rape conviction rate being so low that rape is ‘effectively decriminalised’ and 97% of women experiencing sexual harassment, this strategy is clearly inadequate. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57909118

Talk of “banning wolf whistling” today. Let’s get this right, this is about girls as young as ten being followed, touched and harassed. They are being sexualised as they walk down the street and are having change their behaviour to avoid it. #CrimeNotCompliment

“Women are seeing sex as not something they do for their pleasure, but something that’s done to them for someone else’s pleasure.”
– Sally Jackson @FiLiA_charity, The Importance of the Feminist Lens in Addressing Sexual Violence and Abuse #CESEsummit

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