Media statement from CEASE UK in response to Pornhub’s announcement on Trust and Safety

“We have been calling for regulation of the online pornography industry for a long time and we welcome Pornhub’s proposed improvements with cautious optimism. If they are put into practice then the measures announced could be major steps in the right direction, although they still fall short of what’s necessary to ensure that the site is absolutely free from illegal and non-consensual content.  

“The rampant abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable adults within videos hosted on Pornhub has shown that self-regulation within the porn industry is not working. At the moment, it is impossible to know whether the videos feature consenting adults, and we are deeply concerned about the widespread evidence of child abuse, trafficking and coercion in the production of content. We urgently need a robust means of verifying the age and consent of those featured in uploaded videos if we are to put an end to these horrendous occurrences.”

Vanessa Morse, CEO, CEASE UK.