CEASE Submission of Evidence to the Joint Committee on the Online Safety Bill

We have officially responded to the government’s Call To Evidence with reference to the Online Safety Bill. The Call for Evidence we have completed is a response to an invitation put out by the joint pre-legislative scrutiny Committee on the Draft Online Safety Bill.

Along with other interested individuals and organisations, we have submitted written evidence to their enquiry. We mainly focused on the online commercial pornography industry, which the draft Bill failed to mention. We implore the government to take robust regulatory action on this giant profit-focused, high-risk industry which causes multifaceted harms.

Why is this important?

“If we fail to see the porn industry as it really is, efforts to regulate it will flounder. We must reach out to MPs to urge them to understand the unique harms posed by Big Porn as they debate the Online Safety Bill in the months ahead.” – CEO, Vanessa Morse 

The Big Porn industry is a proven driver behind Big Harms, including the spread of image-based sexual abuse and child sexual abuse material; easy access to pornography sites by children; and the normalisation of sexual violence and harmful sexual attitudes and behaviours. 

The Online Safety Bill is our best chance to regulate Big Porn to stop children from having access to extreme, hardcore content on pornography sites; and to introduce meaningful regulations to stop illegal and ‘legal but harmful’ content from being uploaded to porn sites. Learn more about these crucial issues in our #ExposeBigPorn report.

Get involved

We need your help to raise awareness. Help us by writing to your MP today asking them to influence the draft Online Safety Bill at the crucial pre-legislative stage in order to address the severe harms of the online commercial pornography industry.

We provide you with a pre-written email so don’t worry, it’ll only take 2 minutes!