There is a wealth of research showing that pornography harms people’s health and wellbeing, but real-life experiences often speak louder than data and statistics. 

That’s why we’ve built Expose The Harm

Expose The Harm is a platform where people can safely and anonymously share how they have been harmed – either directly or indirectly – by pornography. By collecting these powerful experiences, we can help those in government grasp, first-hand, the damage done to individuals, relationships, families and society by pornography, and why regulation is needed now more than ever.

But we need your help.

To collect and amplify people’s experiences we need to tell them that Expose The Harm is here. By donating to this project, you will help us run a wide-ranging campaign to encourage people to share how pornography has harmed them. We will then compile and analyse all of the experiences into a report for the government and decision-makers to help them understand the urgent need for more robust legislation around harmful and illegal content.