Calling on all MPs to help us #ExposeBigPorn

We’re reaching out to MPs urging them to call on the government to hold the online porn industry, known as Big Porn, to account. Big Porn profits and facilitates sexual exploitation yet it remains unregulated.

The commercial online porn industry’s business model and algorithms are driven by profit, facilitating the mass distribution of extreme illegal content, including child sexual abuse material, real rape and private sexual videos posted without consent… Big Porn is virtually unregulated and unaccountable to any government in the world.

Vanessa Morse, CEO

We’ve reached out to MPs such as Oliver Dowden and Victoria Atkins encouraging them to read our #ExposeBigPorn report, Public Attitudes Survey on Online Pornography and our Recommendations to the Government. In this report, we expose the reality of the predatory online pornography industry and highlight the Government’s failure to hold it to account.

We are glad to see that Maria Miller and other MPs have endorsed the report.

We are calling for urgent regulation of the online porn industry to safeguard children and stop content being uploaded to pornography websites without the express consent of people featured in them. We urge the Government to use the unique opportunity offered by the Online Safety Bill, to stem the supply of this illegal and damaging material on porn sites. Here are our recommendations:

Please help us alert MPs by emailing your local MP here. Don’t worry, it’ll only take two minutes!